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VALENTIN RADEV - Minister of Interior

Born on February 6, 1958, in the town of Elin Pelin, Bulgaria.


Graduated from the Artillery Academy in the town of Shumen as Armament Military Officer and Ammunition and Chemistry of Explosives Engineer.

1991 - Doctor’s Degree in Ballistic and Aerodynamic, Sofia

Since 1991 - PhD of the Defense Research Institute, Sofia

Since 1996 - Associate Professor at the Defense Research Institute, Sofia

1997 – Masters’ Degree in Economics at the University of National and World Economy, Sofia




1987 - Powders and Explosives Course in Penza, Russia

2000 - English Language Course in the Military Base Borden, Canada

2002 - Design, Construction, Utilization and Assessment of the Small Arms Course in the Military Academy in Brno, Czech Republic 

2002 - Course at the George C. Marshal European Center for Security Studies, Garmisch Partenkirchen, Germany


Professional Experience

1981-1983 - Head of the Artillery Weapon Office in a Military Unit

Since 1983 - Scientific Assistant at the Defense Research Institute in Sofia

1993-1999 - Head of the Ammunitions Department at the Defense Research Institute

1999-2000 - Deputy Director of the Defense Advanced Research Institute (DARI), Sofia

1999-2000 - Chairman of the Board of Directors of NITI Ltd, Kazanlak

2000-2002 - Director of DARI

2002-2004 - Associate Professor of DARI and Head of the Weapons and Ammunition Department

Since 2004 - Associate professor at DARI and New Bulgarian University, Sofia

Since 2004 - Associate Professor at New Bulgarian University, Sofia

Since 2005 - President and Member of the Ammunition Specialists Association in Bulgaria

Since 2006 - Individual Member of the Union Scientist in Bulgaria



Over 130 Scientific Articles and Reports, eight patents and 17 rationalizations



2009-2013 - Deputy Minister of Defense


Member of the 42nd National Assembly; Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, and the Defence Committee

Member of the 43rd National Assembly; Deputy Chairperson of the Defense Committee, Member of the Internal Security and Public Order Committee

Member of the 44rd National Assembly


May 4th, 2017 – Appointed Minister of Interior of Republic of Bulgaria.