We address any investigation and signal with utmost attention, there is not a single one that has not been transmitted to the Prosecution and the Ministry of Interior for investigation. It is completely undeserved that our country was tarnished in such a way in a matter of days while everyone was working at one hundred percent. This was said by Prime Minister Boyko Borissov during a media briefing at the Council of Ministers, whereby the detention of a 21-year-old male from Ruse was announced in relation with the murder of Victoria Marinova. Prime Minister Borissov expressed his condolences to the relatives of the victim and thanked all prosecutors and investigators, as well as the three federal provinces in Germany, which provided assistance for the detection and arrest of the suspect.


The Prime Minister highlighted that any premature announcements on his part or by the Interior Ministry and the Prosecutor's office during the investigation could have entailed the concealment of the perpetrator. "Had we announced anything from the investigation, it would have failed," said Prime Minister Borissov. He epressed gratitude for those who said one had to wait, unlike others who rushed to tarnish the state in the most brutal way. "I have read monstrous things about Bulgaria and none of those is true," the Prime Minister said. "I know that from Brussels a lot of people are watching me now. I deliberately did not speak with them these days. We will have a serious conversation in the EPP," added the Prime Minister.


Prime Minister Borissov specifically addressed the media representatives: "You are not the fourth, you are the first estate right now, and I ask you to act as responsibly as this status requires. The freedom - to write, speak, and transmit information on any subject - this freedom is a fact".


Interior Minister Mladen Marinov explained that the man who was detained late last night by the German police at our request in compliance with all the requirements for operational cooperation and security has a criminal record. Within the investigation, sufficient evidence has been seized, linking the detainee directly with the crime scene and the victim. Some of the expert reports are ready and provide information on the extracted DNA, both of the suspect and the victim. At the moment still, the work of the specialists from the Research Institute on Criminology continues on a number of assigned expert reports, so we expect further evidence related to the brutal crime committed, added the Minister. He clarified that no scenario has been excluded from the onset of the work on the case.


Prosecutor General Sotir Tsatsarov noted that for a short period of time a huge amount of work has been done with an extraordinary mobilization of all available resources of the Ministry of Interior and the Prosecutor's office. He reported that the detainee has been charged in absentia with two crimes - of rape and premeditated murder with particular cruelty and in a particularly painful manner for the victim. The Chief Prosecutor added that a procedure on the execution of a European arrest warrant before a German court is fortcoming, after that the person will be brought to Bulgaria, where the indictment will be initiated, simultaneously all the necessary investigative actions would be underway, and not a single scenario would be ruled out. At this stage, it can not be said that the murder is related to the professional activity of the victim, but the detention of the perpetrator does not in any way mean that work on all possible scenarios would stop", Tsatsarov added.