Prime Minister Stefan Yanev in Glasgow: Only a performing and vital economy can be transformed in the context of the green transition priorities


“Only a performing and vital economy can be transformed in the context of the green transition priorities. The national features should be taken into account in this process so as to have a fair and proportionate approach.” This is what Prime Minister Stefan Yanev said as he addressed Heads of State and Government in his statement, on the second day of the World Leaders Summit within the 26th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 26) in Glasgow.


The Prime Minister was firm that Bulgaria is completely determined to fulfil its commitments to the Paris Agreement and stressed that along with the other EU member states the country will work for reaching the goal of climate neutrality by 2050 and for the more ambitious goal of 55% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, which is enshrined in the EU legislation.


Prime Minister Yanev stressed that to that end at a national level Bulgaria has developed an entirely new set of measures in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. “The Plan will become a new roadmap for decarbonization of the Bulgarian industry, and for reaching economic growth within a sustainable and preserved environment, which includes phasing out of coal use by 2038-2040,” said the Prime Minister at the World Leaders Summit. Mr. Yanev explained that the country’s efforts are focused on three main goals: accelerated further development of renewable energy sources and hydrogen; increase of the energy efficiency of the economy; and sustainable mobility.


Prime Minister Yanev emphasized that Bulgaria supports the united efforts of governments, private sector, academia and other stakeholders in the common goal to fight climate change. “No country alone is able to face the global threat of climate change, because we don’t have the option or luxury of failure,” Bulgaria’s Prime Minister said further.


In his statement Prime Minister Stefan Yanev appealed to join in our efforts to reach a new consensus among all countries on the necessary climate actions and goals to achieve global climate neutrality by mid-century as well as to agree on decisive short- and medium-term policies that should be based on the right balance between mitigation of and adaptation to climate change. “The more frequent extreme weather events, we are witnessing across the planet, are a clear sign that the planetary warming is accelerating and is already affecting many aspects of our lives, economies and ecosystems. Our presence here today means that we realize how important it is to work together and that more credible actions are needed by all countries and by every one of us to limit the temperature rising,” Bulgaria’s Prime Minister emphasized.