Statement by the Prime Minister Kiril Petkov


Dear compatriots,

Today our coalition government is handing over the running of the country to a caretaker cabinet.
The first thing I want to tell you at this moment is that there are no conditions for an apocalypse in Bulgaria. Politicians, lobbyists and ordinary brokers are taking advantage of the political instability to make you fear for the future. Don't let them! Their aim is to make you forget who turned Bulgaria into a plundered, corruption-ridden country, the poorest in the European Union. To lower your expectations. To abandon your aspirations for a better life.
They want you to forget that they were stealing form you for 12 years, they want you to forget about the bundles and bullion they were filling their drawers with, they want to lie to you that they have a magic wand and can reduce petrol and gas prices and stop global inflation, they want to lie to you that they can stop the war and its consequences, but what they really want is to come back and keep stealing from you.

Of course, there are these new messiahs promising a revival based on hate. Let's get out of the European Union, let's get out of NATO, let's get Bulgaria back on the three seas. Do they think you are naive? Such false claims are uttered in mass, and in reality you will recognize them by their actions when they voted against the government together with DPS and GERB and blasted the anti-corruption legislation.
I do not even want to talk about the Trojan horse in the government, Slavi Trifonov, because I believe he is already history. While he was singing about Macedonia, his ministers were demanding another billions without control.
Do not allow to power such politicians anymore! Demand more! Bulgaria can do better. Within only 7 months we saw that 2 billion can be used for economic measures for all people instead of the pockets of a dozen.

We saw that business can work freely, when institutions are not used as a tool, but are there to help business. Only a year ago every businessman was afraid for his success. Is the NRA (National Revenue Agency) or the BSFA (Bulgarian Food and Safety Agency) will come for political racketeering. We all need to say - we will never again allow a handful of people to rob our funds, our businesses, our initiatives, our dreams.
Despite the global crisis that has coincided with our seven-month governance, we leave to the caretaker government a very solid foundation. It builds on the energy measures that we have put in place to give you peace of mind and predictability in the months ahead.
• We have granted winter heating allowances.
• We made sure that you will not feel the rise in electricity prices in Europe. We have extended compensation for businesses too.
• In seven months, we pulled Bulgaria out of the energy dependency trap of the previous government. Part of the enslavement to heavy dependence on Russian gas is the injection of BGN 3 billion into the Balkan Stream - the pipe built at the cost of dozens of violations, from which we do not get a single molecule of gas.
• We gave the caretaker government the opportunity to secure cheaper liquefied gas by spring. With the launch of the gas link with Greece, which we built in just seven months, starting from September, you will be able to see a substantial reduction in prices.
• We had to extend the measure to reduce the price per liter of fuel you pay at the petrol stations. The reason for this is that the only institution which can lower the prices with а market approach - the regulator CPC (Consumer Protection Commission) - refuses to investigate for cartel agreements.

While the caretaker government prepares to organise fair elections, it will not have to put out fires in the social system.
Because for the first time we were able to get pensioners above the poverty line - with an unprecedented increase in pensions.
• We provided tax reductions and benefits for families, for children, for the elderly. This autumn, hundreds of schools and kindergartens will finally be renovated.
• We have increased the salaries of medics. We have provided many more tests for patients.
• We have increased teachers' salaries.
• We have granted additional benefits to vulnerable groups.

We are leaving the caretaker government with a budget surplus of BGN 1.5 billion.
We secured 13 billion from the EU Recovery and Resilience Plan, tied to the adoption of anti-corruption legislation and measures.
And speaking of corruption, I count on the new ministers - do not forget that our government was removed so quickly because we have hit on schemes for billions taken from road construction projects, from border control, from rail transport.
For ten years, that money enriched selected dozen, instead of being spent on children's hospitals, support for families, for you. This fight must continue.
But in order to win it, the prosecutor's office must open its eyes to the visible, blatant violations, frauds and crimes committed for years by people close to of the previous government. None of you deserves this selective justice – justice and rule of law only in case you happen to stand in their way.

This is why the abolishment of the specialized court and the specialized prosecutor's office was so important. And we did it despite the opposition's resistance in Parliament. It is important that we now have a mechanism to investigate the untouchable Prosecutor General. It is important that the European Public Prosecutor's Office can now work independently in Bulgaria. This should only be the beginning.

During these seven months of governance, we have often stumbled over our own mistakes of growth. We have learned our lessons in a very short time.
Our government fell in Parliament with the help of a group of dependent members of the parliament But most importantly, our government did not fall to you. We fulfilled our promises, we did not compromise our principles in the name of the cause Bulgaria.
We know we have a lot more work to do - and we are determined to finish it together!
We know we have a lot of work to do - and we are determined to finish it!