The Council of Ministers Granite Hall was the venue of the ceremony of the transfer of power. Statements were made by Prime Minister Kiril Petkov and Stefan Yanev, head of the caretaker government


Kiril Petkov:

Dear colleagues,


I am very glad that today we are continuing the change that we started seven months ago. We worked side by side with many of you, and with many of you we had tough tasks whereby we managed to make the first big steps to move to a new Bulgaria, a Bulgaria where transparency, zero tolerance for corruption and a transformation of the old model started.


As to the colleagues who have just been elected new ministers: as I have said this before: I am first among equals. Promises will stop here and action is to follow. So let get to work. Thank you!


Stefan Yanev:

Dear Prime Minister Petkov,

Distinguished members of the cabinet, nominated and supported by the 47th National Assembly,

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, members of the caretaker cabinet,

Distinguished media members, dear fellow citizens,


First of all, let me say a few words about the two cabinets that in succession ran the country for seven months.


At a testing moment and after sleepless nights and a lot of effort made to put together the cabinet present here, I hope we have made Bulgaria different and this is a precondition and a good foundation for future reforms. I believe that our legacy after these seven months in office is the core of the credo of the party that holds the mandate – change. Bulgaria needs change and the Bulgarian citizens look forward to change. The Bulgarian citizens hope to live in a prosperous and normal state with justice and safety.


All these challenges are extremely committing for all of us who are members, myself included, of the newly elected cabinet. In this spirit, may I first of all thank the caretaker government members for the job well done, for rekindling the Bulgarian citizens’ confidence, for the inspiration in their eyes. I wish colleagues who are members of the new cabinet every success and courage! As the Bulgarian citizens look forward to the change.